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"Stevie and the Lion will grasp your attention with their delicious pop sensibilities, playful harmonies, thoughtful songwriting and wacky off the cuff banter!" 

About Stevie and the lion
2009 SongCircle Contest Finalist - Kate Branagh (guitar/vocals)
A vocal duo accompanied by guitar, accordion, and clarinet, Stevie and the Lion delivers a stand-out sound with an untraditional framework to support their strong pop sensibility and poignant lyrics.  With their beautiful music and wacky off the cuff stage banter, Stevie and the Lion have been networking and charming hearts in the New York music scene, playing regularly at venues like The Cutting Room, Rockwood Music Hall and Spike Hill.  Stevie and the Lion has also built solid relationships with comedy based platforms like the hilarious variety show "Now We Are Friends" and most recently Mashable.com, releasing a Taylor Swift Subway Sandwich parody, which has had over 20,000 views to date. The band is currently raising funds on Indie Gogo for their recording debut 'The Perpetual Emotion EP'.
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