ada pasternak
"Classically trained Violinist sings heartfelt, intimate, lyrics and beautiful melodies, inspired by her love of various cultures and genres of music .” 

About Ada Pasternak

Graduate of the Berklee College of Music, 24 year-old Ada Pasternak is a violin virtuoso who has  created her own unique genre, combining her vocal talents, violin mastery, and songwriting prowess for an outstanding pop melding. Her shows are always a spectacular display of musicianship by Ada and her band of Berklee College of Music graduates. Ada has been performing with great success in venues all around NYC. She had September residency at The Bitter End, which was very successful in terms of fan draw and reviews, and another residency collaboration in November.  She gave a special performace for her fans this past December and is currently working on a new music video. 

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