alec gross
"Blessed with a voice so perfectly suited to the times, Alec Gross has managed to capture the elusive folk/country sound so many other artists would sell their soul to find.” 
- Joel Crane (NME, Q,  and Mojo Magazine)
About Alec Gross

Alec Gross is the lead singer of New York City's cinematic  Americana superstars , Our Wild America, and is the co-founder of the vintage  tape obsessed label , Handsome Lady Records. He performs his dark and heavy brand of original folk, alternative country, and soul throughout the US and Europe. His latest releases are Our Wild America (May 2014), Old Elijah & The Sorry Sorry Sun EP (October 2012), Strip The Lanterns LP (August 2011), and Rose Tatto EP (March 2009). Alec may also be responsible for writing (and sometimes singing) a few commercial jingles that have likely gotten lodged in your head somewhere and forced you to buy things you probably don't really need.

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Alec Gross - You Make Sense To Me
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Alec's label Handsome Lady Records will be hosting a show January 29th at The Living Room, featuring Alec's band Our Wild America and fellow SongCircle Showcase Artists Bryann Dunn and Fife & Drom.

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