kasey williams

"With lyrics full of heart and melodies that simply don't let go, Kasey's songs will make you laugh, maybe cry, and definitely have you singing along." 

About Kasey Williams

Originally from Johnson City, Tennessee, Kasey Williams is a rare 100% certified organic ginger. She has been living in NYC the past ten years working as an actress,  singer-songwriter and model, in order to support her lifelong dream of becoming a professional cocktail waitress in Times Square. Kasey recently released her debut EP and music video that both feature her soon to be hit single "Outta My Way". The music video gives viewers a brief glimpse into the overwhelming enjoyment she experiences when she is standing with her cocktail tray in hand. You can check out her music and enjoy the video at www.kaseywilliams.com

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KASEY WILLIAMS - Get the F Out of My Way - Official Video
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