beth patella

"Warm melodies, soaring voals, uplifting, bluesy, rockin' out songs!" 

About Beth Patella

Beth’s soaring voice, warm melodies, musical versatility and giving heart have all earned Beth’s reputation as a powerful, emerging singer/songwriter! Beth was a featured artist in the CT Folk Festival’s annual show on September 8th, 2012, and The CT Milford Oyster Festival 2013, opening for Blues Traveler! Beth’s album, “Coming Home,” was released on April 6th, 2013 and has been featured on several radio stations, including, WPKN on The Connecticut Rocks program with host, Bob D’Aprile, and WESU with Robbie DeRosa. Currently, Beth plays throughout the Northeast and will begin her second album in January 2015. Beth is deeply honored and grateful for the support of her awesome fans!

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